No bin? No problem! Here's how it works:


hide those awkward plastic bags

PoopPot® comes with you on your walks, so there's no need to swing that smelly little bag.


collapsable design and airtight lid

PoopPot® is space saving and odour free - just pop it out, insert the bag, and seal everything shut with the trusty airtight lid.


clips away for easy storage

Free your hands using the handy carabiner - simply clip the PoopPot® onto your belt loop, dog lead or handbag until you come across a bin.

Medium / Large PoopPot® - super versatile, super handy.

Our larger design can pop out to various volumes making it the medium and large model all rolled into one. It can be up to twice as big as our smaller Pot, but just as compact. It's perfect for larger breeds, as well as owners with multiple dogs.

Thanks to our improved design, this PoopPot® folds away with ease and the new, stronger lid seals everything away nice and tightly.

The conical shape and dual pop-out features help to make it look small and tidy, while ensuring a surprisingly large storage capacity.

Keep your hands free and enjoy your walks without that smelly little inconvenience - just pop it in your PoopPot®.

Large £14.99 BUY NOW

Little Dog? Little PoopPot® - currently out of stock :(

If you have a cute, wee dog then our standard Pot may just be that little bit too big. Don't worry though, we've got a smaller size that should be just right!

Our smaller PoopPot® is super compact, even when popped out, but still roomy enough to hold a few extra bags while fully collapsed.

When nature calls for your little pal just whip out a bag, scoop up the poop, and pop it inside the Pot.

Don't leave it on the ground, don't tie it to a fence - join us in our mission to create a cleaner outdoors by picking up your dog's poop and popping it in your PoopPot®.

Small £10.99 BUY NOW

PoopPot® will change the way you walk your dog forever.

We had so much fun making these videos, why not have a look and see how easy it is?

PoopPot® pops out like magic, and the simple airtight lid presses on easily to lock everything inside. Use the carabiner clip to keep your hands free while you walk - no need to worry about finding a bin!
Whether you're walking, cycling or travelling by car, PoopPot® keeps all those nasty odours sealed away until you get home.

More and more councils are introducing fines for dog owners who don't pick up their dog's poop. Don't get caught out - PoopPot® makes it easy peasy!

PoopPot® isn't just for poop...

the innovative, space saving design can be used to store everything you need when you're on the go.



PoopPot® is perfect for storing dog food - wet or dry!



The airtight lid means it's watertight, too.



Lock treats away safely until it's time to chow down.

PoopPot® lends a hand by

PoopPot® is the new innovative solution to carrying dog poop - convenient, hygienic and smell free.

Just take a bag from the storage compartment inside your collapsed PoopPot®, pop out the container, pick up that poop and pop it inside. Pop the lid back on and hey presto!

PoopPot® is a badge of responsibility for all dog owners.

Help us create a cleaner country; don't leave it on the ground, don't tie it to a tree or a fence, pick up your dog's poop and pop it in your new PoopPot®.

​I want to be #PoopPotProud too. Small £10.99 Buy now Large £14.99 Buy now

Introducing PetPots

PetPots are a great solution for any pet's traveling needs. With our unique dual-stage pop out design, PetPots can be as small as you want them, but as large as you need them to be.

Your tiny pup may only need a small bowl, but in time he will grow... and so will his appetite!

PetPots' unique shape makes them nice and deep - great for keeping food and water inside the bowl instead of all over the kitchen floor...

The intuitive, collapsable design means your PetPots can be neatly folded away in a bag or kept in the car - great for pets on the go!

PetPot £10 BUY NOW
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The Inspiration for PoopPot®

We rescued our little Staffie-cross Whippet (or "Whippie", as we came to the conclusion the mix was!) in 2011.

We were so excited about the long walks, playtime in the park, and were looking forward to making her a proper member of the family. But we soon realised that, as well as all the fantastically fun times, we inevitably had to deal with the wee problem of dog poop.

Being responsible dog owners is incredibly important to us, and over time the smelly scooping became a little easier, but there always was one persistent problem that no-one quite had a solution for...

What to do with the poop bag once you've scooped it up?

It still smells, you still end up carrying "that little black bag", and there often isn't a handy bin just round the corner.

We couldn't take the lingering smells and unhygienic carrying any longer - we had to do something about it.

So we created the PoopPot®®.

Contact PoopPot® HQ

Usually dogs say hello with a wee woof or a sniff, but we thought we would give technology a whirl...
Bark at us through the internet if you have any questions, and stay in the loop regarding new products and promotions. We are currently all over the country promoting PoopPot®, visiting trade shows and events, and we'd love to keep you posted on our progress!


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